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Keith Galloway

Meet Keith


I am a strategic leadership and motivation consultant.  I help businesses develop and execute a plan for motivating their employees, improving their culture, and cultivating their leadership teams.


Before I can tell you the problem that I help to solve, you need to understand the difference between ladders and muscles in business.  Ladders have a clear start and finish.  You move up them one step at a time.  And you know exactly when you come to the end.  In business, we call ladders “goals” or “strategic objectives”.  Muscles, on the other hand, are the never-ending factors in business that you build consistently over time.  If you are not actively building these muscles, they will atrophy.  So with these muscles, every single day you’re either getting stronger or weaker.  The biggest difference between ladders and muscles in business is that for ladders, we usually have a plan.  But for muscles, we tend to ‘wing it’ and hope they develop by themselves over time.  As a result, every-day problems arise at a much higher frequency, and we are completely unaware of the correlation between these problems and the muscles we fail to build.  This is where the real problem lies.  To solve a problem, you must first be AWARE of the problem.



Essentially, I help leaders solve their problems by building the ‘muscle’ of their business.  The four main areas on which I focus are:  LEADERSHIP COACHING, CULTURE TRANSFORMATION, MOTIVATION MANAGEMENT, AND TEAMWORK DEVELOPMENT.  I can help you create, develop, and execute a plan that will start building these muscles TODAY.  And over time, you will see that building muscle not only makes your business healthy, but it makes climbing the ladders much easier.



Simply put, a failure to develop these muscles costs you time and money. In fact, they cost you A LOT of time and money.  But you’ll never know about it until it’s too late.  I can help you see the indicators right now, and we can start to implement the plan TODAY.  Just schedule a call and I’ll tell you how.



Every day you go without a plan is a day you lose money.


Set up a free call to discuss your company’s challenges.


Create a custom strategy that fits your company’s needs.


The best strategy will not work if you never do anything about it.  GET STARTED RIGHT NOW!

Keith has been a pleasure to work with and a great asset to our company. He is a good sounding board for strategic thinking or if you just need an ear to vent to. Business can be stressful and personalities can clash, I have no doubt Keith has played a big part in keeping our company culture strong through the stressful moments. Nathan Brooks

Small Business Owner

I would highly recommend setting up a time to meet with Keith. His passion is to help people find out what their why is and also to find out what each member of the teams gifts are. He is a great listener and also a great communicator. He really helped us find our strengths and made some great suggestions on what we can do to maximize our efficiency within our team. Ben Davis

Small Business Owner

Keith Galloway Success Coaching has helped our business tremendously. Keith knows that every situation in business is different, and he knows how to tackle tasks whether small or big. Our business has grown at a rapid pace in the 2+ years that we have been working with Keith, and his sound advice has helped us in many different situations when they arise. I would highly recommend Keith to anyone looking for a business coach. Trevor Reeves

Small Business Owner

Keith has helped our business remarkably! While our company is constantly adapting to industrial growth and the issues involved, Keith has helped coach our management team towards success. Among other things, he has helped us visualize goals, streamline communication, and organize the chaos within. In effect, we continually see positive progression directly influenced by his helpful assistance and strategic concepts. Keith is a professional in the highest sense of the word and it is an absolute pleasure working alongside him.  Garrett Reagan

General Manager


It is a coach’s job to help guide you in the process of moving from where you are to where you want to be.


Trainings allow for your entire team to gain valuable insight into what it takes to be successful.


A dynamic professional speaker is able to give powerful talks tailored to serve the unique needs of your organization.