I want you to close your eyes and think REALLY hard about a person. But not just any person. This person must be the MOST TALENTED person you can think of. It can be in education, sports, music, art, or whatever else you can think of. Now, when you have a picture of this person in your head, I want you to ask yourself this question: HOW DID THEY GET THERE?

It has been said that even the most seasoned of experts was once a beginner. So unless this person you are thinking of is a savant or prodigy of some sort, it is likely they were once HORRIBLE at what they did. So what is it that got them from that point to where they are now? Do you think they just figured it out on their own? Not likely. So the question isn’t HOW did they get there. But WHO helped them get there? The answer to this is simple. Over the course of their lives, they had people who guided them; who held them accountable, built their confidence, listened to their struggles, and helped them push through.

Do you know what we call these people? We call them coaches. A coach is anyone (or anything) that influences us to behave a certain way. And whether you like it or not, we all have coaches in our lives. Friends, spouse, coworkers, social media, television, etc. are all coaches. The real issue is not having a coach, but whether or not you have the RIGHT coaches in your life. Are your coaches EFFECTIVE? Maybe or maybe not. I can’t say for sure. But unless you are INTENTIONAL about who is your coach, I highly doubt you have the right coach. Coaching is a mutually beneficial investment that doesn’t happen by chance.

Now I want you to go back and think about the person from before. Do you think they have a coach that they intentionally placed in their life? Or is it by chance? Let’s make this easy. Winners don’t leave things up to chance. You can do your research or take my word for it. But I can guarantee you that every single world class performer has a coach. It’s impossible to be successful without one. So the next question is: DO YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL?

Coaching is an art. It’s about finding those triggers that empower you to take advantage of your strengths. It’s about improvement and accountability. But most of all, it’s about finding those reasons to believe in yourself. Most of us already have it in us to be more than we currently are. We just don’t always know how to access it. Let the coaching process work for you! Schedule a coaching consultation today!