4 Online Assessments You May Not Have Heard of Before That Can Help You in Business

Aug 9, 2018Blog

When we hear the word “assessment”, most of us probably cringe.  As a former high school teacher, I can tell you that people don’t like to be tested (especially teenagers).  Often times as we get older, it doesn’t bother us quite as much.  We know that the weight of each “test” is not as significant as what we once thought it was.  And the benefit of taking them far outweigh the negative that might come from the results.

In the case of this article, I am not talking about classroom assessments.  I am talking about assessments that challenge you to think about who you are, or who you want to be, how you respond to circumstances, and how you interact with people.  Assessments like these can be highly beneficial in understanding and preparing yourself to be successful.  And with a coach guiding you through the results, these same assessments are practically invaluable.  But what tests should you take?  Which ones work the best to tell you a little more about yourself?

Chances are you’ve heard of DISC or Meyers-Briggs.  These are very popular and quite common from my experience.  And you can take both assessments for free.  But are there some tests you might not have heard about?  Below is a list of my favorite assessments and why I think you need to take them as soon as possible.


1.  Clifton Strengthsfinder (cost: $20 for top 5 in order; $90 for all 34) – This assessment was created by Don Clifton and has long been a part of the Gallup corporation as it’s primary personal assessment tool.  It has 34 talent themes that can be categorized in one of four different strength domains.  The reason I like this assessment is because of its versatility.  There is a one is 33.4 million chance that someone will have the same talent themes in the same order as you.  So needless to say, it puts you in a category all your own.

This one is my favorite assessment because you can take your top strengths and reverse engineer them to determine your core values, and all of our decisions we make can be traced back to our core values.  We can then see how some of our poor decisions might have been poor use of our talents, and then determine a course of action that will prevent similar mistakes in the future.  You can also use your report to create a powerful purpose and vision statement for yourself.  If you purchase a copy of the book Strengthsfinder 2.0 for $19.99, you get an access code for a free top 5 strengths report.  All 34 strengths is usually $89.99, but they have a special where you can get it for $49.99.  Just go to this link and choose the option you prefer.


2.  The 5 Love Languages (free for original assessment; $11 for the workplace version) – The book of the same name has been quite popular over the years for couples.  However, they recently created a book for businesses called  The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, which contextualizes it for businesses a little more.  The appreciation assessment costs $11, but the original Love Languages assessment (which works just as well in my opinion) can still be taken for free.

I love this one because it teaches us how to communicate more effectively with other people.  And anytime communication is improved, team performance will usually follow.  Not only that, but it helps you cultivate all of your relationships in general.  If you work with other people, you are in a relationship, you have children, or you simply interact with others at any given point, you need to do two things: read this book and take this assessment.  I am not exaggerating when I say it has the potential to drastically change your life for the better.


3.  The Four Tendencies (free) –  This one is a hidden gem based on the book of the same name by Gretchen Rubin.  I have not read the book (yet), but I love the assessment.  It essentially categorizes you based on how you respond to internal vs. external expectations.

I use this knowledge to frame my personal goals in way that allows me to take advantage of my tendencies.  Also, I’m able to notice when my tendencies are controlling my way of thinking.  And this allows me to overcome my limitations and think in new ways.  It doesn’t mean I can change the way I view expectations.  But it does allow me to position my mindset to give me a better opportunity at success.  It can also help you lead others more effectively.  After all, if you know someone doesn’t respond well to a certain type of expectation, you can come up with ways to reframe the expectation so that it is more likely to get done.  It is a super simple assessment with very little insight.  But it has great value because almost our entire lives revolves around expectations and how we respond to them.


4.  VIA Character Strengths (basic report free; multiple other paid levels) – This assessment is similar to Strengthsfinder, but not as extensive.  The insights of the basic assessment are not enough to intrigue me to purchase the upgraded versions.  However, it does allow you to identify your character strengths as opposed to your talent themes.  In other words, it shows you what is important to you as opposed to what you’re good at.  There are 24 character strengths, and they are all listed under one of 6 core virtue categories.

I like this assessment because of it’s focus on character.  Many of us are aware of the BE-DO-HAVE principle which states that you must BE the right type of person so that when you DO the right things, you can HAVE what you want out of life.  This places emphasis on the BE portion of that principle.  And anything that gives you insight into becoming a better person is worth exploring.


So those are my 4 favorite online assessments.  With that being said, there are countless other assessments that I have never taken, but would likely be a great tool for gaining insight into how you can better operate as an individual and within the confines of a business.  Let me encourage you to investigate for yourself what would best benefit you, and take those assessments.  And remember that anything that expands our personal insight will be beneficial to us in the long run.

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